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1 2015ComAC...2....3G
1.00003/2015A      E              X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.
The numerical frontier of the high-redshift Universe

2 2015MNRAS.446.2380B
1.00001/2015A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Becerra, Fernando; Greif, Thomas H.; Springel, Volker; Hernquist, Lars E.
Formation of massive protostars in atomic cooling haloes

3 2014MNRAS.444.1566G
1.00010/2014A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.
Multifrequency radiation hydrodynamics simulations of H2 line emission in primordial, star-forming clouds

4 2013MNRAS.434.3408G
1.00010/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Springel, Volker; Bromm, Volker
On the operation of the chemothermal instability in primordial star-forming clouds

5 2013IAUS..295...21C
1.00007/2013A          F  G                      T      R                              
Chen, Ke-Jung; Jeon, Myoungwon; Greif, Thomas; Bromm, Volker; Heger, Alexander
Impact of the First Stars to the First Galaxy Formation

6 2013MNRAS.431.1470S
1.00005/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Stacy, Athena; Greif, Thomas H.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker; Loeb, Abraham
Rotation and internal structure of Population III protostars

7 2012ApJ...760...27W
1.00011/2012A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Wang, F. Y.; Bromm, Volker; Greif, Thomas H.; Stacy, Athena; Dai, Z. G.; Loeb, Abraham; Cheng, K. S.
Probing Pre-galactic Metal Enrichment with High-redshift Gamma-Ray Bursts

8 2012AIPC.1480..418S
1.00009/2012A      E                              T                                      
Smith, Rowan J.; Iocco, Fabio; Glover, Simon C. O.; Schleicher, Dominik; Klessen, Ralf S.; Greif, Thomas; Yoshida, Naoki; Hirano, Shingo
Dark matter annihilation feedback: Effects upon collapse and fragmentation

9 2012AIPC.1480..325J
1.00009/2012A      E                              T                                      
Jeon, Myoungwon; Pawlik, Andreas H.; Greif, Thomas H.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Bromm, Volker; Milosavljevic, Milos; Klessen, Ralf S.
Black hole feedback on the first galaxies

10 2012AIPC.1480...97S
1.00009/2012A      E                              T                                      
Stacy, Athena; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
Mass growth of the first stars under radiative feedback

11 2012AIPC.1480...51G
1.00009/2012A      E              X              T      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker; Clark, Paul C.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Smith, Rowan J.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Yoshida, Naoki; Springel, Volker
Formation and evolution of primordial protostellar systems

12 2012MNRAS.424..399G
1.00007/2012A      E  F                                  R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker; Clark, Paul C.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Smith, Rowan J.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Yoshida, Naoki; Springel, Volker
Formation and evolution of primordial protostellar systems

13 2012ApJ...754...34J
1.00007/2012A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Jeon, Myoungwon; Pawlik, Andreas H.; Greif, Thomas H.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Bromm, Volker; Milosavljevic, Milos; Klessen, Ralf S.
The First Galaxies: Assembly with Black Hole Feedback

14 2012MNRAS.422..290S
1.00005/2012A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Stacy, Athena; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
The first stars: mass growth under protostellar feedback

15 2012mfu3.conf..203B
1.00001/2012            F  G                                                              
Bürzle, F.; Clark, P. C.; Stasyszyn, F.; Greif, T.; Dolag, K.; Klessen, R. S.; Nielaba, P.
Studies in Star Formation using Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics

16 2011ASPC..444...42K
1.00010/2011A      E  F  G                      T      R                              
Klessen, R. S.; Glover, S. C. O.; Clark, P. C.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.
Modeling the Effects of Turbulence in Zero- and Low-metallicity Star Formation

17 2011ApJ...737...75G
1.00008/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Springel, Volker; White, Simon D. M.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Clark, Paul C.; Smith, Rowan J.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker
Simulations on a Moving Mesh: The Clustered Formation of Population III Protostars

18 2011ApJ...736..147G
1.00008/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; White, Simon D. M.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Springel, Volker
The Delay of Population III Star Formation by Supersonic Streaming Velocities

19 2011MNRAS.414.3633S
1.00007/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Smith, Rowan J.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Clark, Paul C.; Greif, Thomas; Klessen, Ralf S.
The effects of accretion luminosity upon fragmentation in the early universe

20 2011MNRAS.412..171B
1.00003/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Bürzle, Florian; Clark, Paul C.; Stasyszyn, Federico; Greif, Thomas; Dolag, Klaus; Klessen, Ralf S.; Nielaba, Peter
Protostellar collapse and fragmentation using an MHD GADGET

21 2011Sci...331.1040C
1.00002/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Clark, Paul C.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Smith, Rowan J.; Greif, Thomas H.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker
The Formation and Fragmentation of Disks Around Primordial Protostars

22 2011MNRAS.410..919J
1.00001/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Johnson, Jarrett L.; Khochfar, Sadegh; Greif, Thomas H.; Durier, Fabrice
Accretion on to black holes formed by direct collapse

23 2011ApJ...726...55T
1.00001/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Turk, Matthew J.; Clark, Paul; Glover, S. C. O.; Greif, T. H.; Abel, Tom; Klessen, Ralf; Bromm, Volker
Effects of Varying the Three-body Molecular Hydrogen Formation Rate in Primordial Star Formation

24 2011nha..confE..26J
1.00000/2011            F                                                                  
Jeon, M.; Pawlik, A.; Greif, T. H.; Glover, S.; Bromm, V.; Milosavljevic, M.; Klessen, R. S.
The First Galaxies: Assembly with Black Hole Feedback

25 2010AIPC.1294..289S
1.00011/2010A      E                              T          C                          
Stacy, Athena; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
The First Stars: Formation of Binaries and Small Multiples

26 2010AIPC.1294..173G
1.00011/2010A      E                              T                                      
Greif, Thomas H.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker
The Chemical Enrichment of the First Galaxies

27 2010AIPC.1294...52C
1.00011/2010A      E                              T                                  U      
Clark, Paul C.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Smith, Rowan J.; Greif, Thomas H.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker
The Formation and Fragmentation of Primordial Protostellar Discs

28 2010AIPC.1294...28K
1.00011/2010A      E                              T          C                      U      
Klessen, Ralf S.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Clark, Paul C.; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker; Jappsen, Anne-Katharina
Effects of Turbulence on Zero- and Low-Metallicity Star Formation

29 2010ASPC..432..265S
1.00010/2010A      E  F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Stacy, A.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.
The First Stars: Binary and Small Multiple Formation

30 2010ApJ...716..510G
1.00006/2010A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Bromm, Volker; Klessen, Ralf S.
The First Galaxies: Chemical Enrichment, Mixing, and Star Formation

31 2010PhuZ...41..120B
1.00005/2010        E                                      R                              
Bromm, Volker; Greif, Thomas
Die ersten Sterne im Universum. Kosmologie

32 2010MNRAS.403...45S
1.00003/2010A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Stacy, Athena; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
The first stars: formation of binaries and small multiple systems

1.00000/2010            F                          T                                      
Smith, R. J.; Clark, P. C.; Glover, S. C. O.; Greif, T.; Klessen, R. S.
The effects of accretion luminosity from Pop III protostars

34 2009ASPC..419..339S
1.00012/2009A      E  F  G                      T      R  C                          
Stacy, A.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.
The First Stars: Disk Formation and Fragmentation

35 2009ASPC..419..335J
1.00012/2009A      E  F  G                      T      R  C                          
Johnson, J. L.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.; Klessen, R. S.; Ippolito, J.
The First Galaxies: Signatures of the Initial Starburst

36 2009MNRAS.399..639G
1.00010/2009A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Johnson, Jarrett L.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker
The observational signature of the first HII regions

37 2009MNRAS.399...37J
1.00010/2009A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Johnson, Jarrett L.; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker; Klessen, Ralf S.; Ippolito, Joseph
The first galaxies: signatures of the initial starburst

38 2009arXiv0905.3261G
1.00005/2009A                      X                                                  U      
Greif, Thomas H.
The Formation of the First Galaxies

39 2009MNRAS.392.1381G
1.00002/2009A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Glover, Simon C. O.; Bromm, Volker; Klessen, Ralf S.
Chemical mixing in smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations

40 2008IAUS..255...33G
1.00012/2008A          F  G      X              T      R  C                      U      
Greif, T. H.; Schleicher, D. R. G.; Johnson, J. L.; Jappsen, A.-K.; Klessen, R. S.; Clark, P. C.; Glover, S. C. O.; Stacy, A.; Bromm, V.
The formation of the first galaxies and the transition to low-mass star formation

41 2008IAUS..255....3G
1.00012/2008A          F  G      X              T      R  C                      U      
Glover, S. C. O.; Clark, P. C.; Greif, T. H.; Johnson, J. L.; Bromm, V.; Klessen, R. S.; Stacy, A.
Open questions in the study of population III star formation

42 2008ASPC..393..215J
1.00008/2008A      E  F  G                      T      R                              
Johnson, J. L.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.
Radiative Feedback in the Formation of the First Protogalaxies

43 2008MNRAS.388...26J
1.00007/2008A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Johnson, Jarrett L.; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
Occurrence of metal-free galaxies in the early Universe

44 2008MNRAS.387.1021G
1.00007/2008A      E  F  G      X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Johnson, Jarrett L.; Klessen, Ralf S.; Bromm, Volker
The first galaxies: assembly, cooling and the onset of turbulence

45 2008IAUS..250..471J
1.00006/2008A          F  G      X              T      R  C                      U      
Johnson, Jarrett L.; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
The First Stars

46 2008AIPC..990..405G
1.00003/2008A      E              X              T      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Johnson, Jarrett L.; Bromm, Volker
Towards the First Galaxies

47 2008AAS...21115801G
1.00003/2008A                                      T                                      
Greif, Thomas; Johnson, J. L.; Bromm, V.; Klessen, R. S.
The First Supernova Explosions

48 2007AAS...211.9115J
Johnson, Jarrett L.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.
Radiative Feedback in the Formation of the First Protogalaxies

49 2007ApJ...670....1G
1.00011/2007A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Johnson, Jarrett L.; Bromm, Volker; Klessen, Ralf S.
The First Supernova Explosions: Energetics, Feedback, and Chemical Enrichment

50 2007ApJ...665...85J
1.00008/2007A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Johnson, Jarrett L.; Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
Local Radiative Feedback in the Formation of the First Protogalaxies

51 2006MNRAS.373..128G
1.00011/2006A      E  F  G      X                      R  C                      U      
Greif, Thomas H.; Bromm, Volker
Two populations of metal-free stars in the early Universe

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