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Planet Formation Group Seminar

In the current summer semester 2017 the planet formation group seminar takes place every Friday from 09:00 to 11:00 in the basement room of the ITA building in Albert-Ueberle-Str. 2. The seminar usually consists of a Journal Club part, where we discuss recent arXiv/astro-ph papers. In the second part of the meeting one of the group members either presents his/her research or we discuss specific scientific problems. The next meeting is highlighted in color.


Summer Term 2017

Date Name Topic
07.04.2017 All Journal club
14.04.2017 No group meeting (holiday)
21.04.2017 All Journal club
28.04.2017 No group meeting (Ringberg workshop)
12:30 at MPIA (Lunch)
Konstantin Batygin (CALTECH) Planet Nine from Outer Space guest
12.05.2017 All Journal Club
Wednesday at 9am
Sebastian Krijt (University of Chicago) Tracing water vapor and ice during dust growth guest
19.05.2017 Nicole Pawellek (MPIA) Debris discs – An introduction to the successors of protoplanetary discs guest
26.05.2017 Andrew Youdin (University of Arizona)
Kaitlin Kratter (University of Arizona)
Planetesimal formation
Planetary dynamics

CLICK HERE for the seminar schedule of past terms.

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