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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - 3:15pm

Dr. Nanda Kumar (Porto):

"Wide-Field Studies of Star Forming Regions: What can we learn?"

Abstract. The advent of wide field cameras in the near-infrared and the fast mapping speed of the Spitzer Space Telescope has made it possible to survey the young stellar population covering entire Giant Molecular Cloud (GMC) complexes. I will present some wide field observations of the DR21/W75N massive star forming complex using WFCAM and Spitzer space telescope, and discuss the issues in star formation that can be addressed using such observations. It is now possible to study the effects of turbulence on the GMC scales, estimate feedback from outflows and investigate the structure of embedded clusters over the full extent of GMCs. I will also show some preliminary observations of GMCs with active massive star formation and discuss the effects of massive stars on the star formation process in such clouds.

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