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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 - 3:15pm

Cassie Fallscheer (MPIA):

"Observations and Modeling of Rotation and Infall in High-Mass Star Formation"

Abstract. We have obtained multiple data sets from the SMA, PdBI, and IRAM 30m telescope of the Infrared Dark Cloud IRDC 18223-3, and the somewhat more evolved High-Mass Protostellar Object IRAS 18151-1208 in order to search for clues regarding the role of rotation and disks in high mass star formation. These observations allow us to compare the central-most regions surrounding the embedded continuum source at different evolutionary stages of the formation process. Toward both regions we see rotational structures perpendicular to the molecular outflows. Continuum and line radiative transfer modeling of the observed disk-like structures is underway.

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