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Monday, May 26, 2014 - 11:00am

Kengo Tachihara (Nagoya Uni):

"Small scale structures and turbulence of the interstellar medium"

Abstract. Interstellar turbulence is believed to be one of the most important but unknown factor controlling morphological and physical evolutions of clouds. The origin of the interstellar turbulence is not well described yet, but a promising theoretical model of the two-phase medium with thermal instability has been proposed. Our observations have detected several 1000 AU scale cloudlets at a cloud surface, suggesting that they are formed as a result of the thermal instability in compressed medium. Similarly, recent high resolution HI 21 cm observations revealed a few times ~0.1 pc scale filamentary and clumpy structures of cold atomic hydrogen gas. We suggest that cold HI gas undergoes thermal instability and form dense condensations with turbulent random motion where molecular gas is being formation.

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