Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Theoretical Astrophysics

Lecturers: Ralf Klessen
ZAH/ITA, Albert-Ueberle-Str. 2, 69120 Heidelberg
Time and Location: Tuesday, 9:00 - 10:45 hours, Philosophenweg 12 -- Grand Lecture Hall
Thursday, 9:00 - 10:45 hours, Philosophenweg 12 -- Grand Lecture Hall
Detailed Schedule: The detailed schedule can be found HERE. Lectures will be held in English.
Topics: Theoretical formulation of fundamental processes in astrophysics:
  • Hydrodynamics: derivation of equations of hydrodynamics; virial theorem; ideal and viscous fluids; hydrostatic equilibria; sound waves; supersonic flows and shocks; hydrodynamic instabilities; convection and turbulence;
  • Plasma Physics: equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics; ambipolar diffusion (non-ideal MHD); Alfven waves; collisionless plasma; dispersion relations; longitudinal waves and Landau damping;
  • Stellar Dynamics: timescales; relaxation processes; Jeans equation; virial theorem for N-body systems; equilibria and stability of self-gravitating systems; dynamical friction; Fokker Planck approximation;
  • Radiation: macroscopic radiation field; emission, absorption, and scattering; radiative transport equations; bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation; ionization and recombination; spectra;
Tutorials: Monday,16:00 - 18:00 hours, Philosophenweg 12 -- Grand Lecture Hall
Tuesday, 11:00 - 13:00 hours, Philosophenweg 12 -- New Lecture Hall
The homework assignments can be downloaded HERE.
Literature: At this LINK you find a list of recommended books for this course.
Credits: In order to get credits for this course, you have to solve 60% of the homework problems and pass the final exam. Homework assignments can be solved in groups of up to three people.
Module: This is the master module MKTP2. It corresponds to 8 credit points or a workload of 240 hours.
Certificates and Grades: The certificates of this course ("Scheine") for all students are available at the secretaries office of the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, Albert-Ueberle-Str. 2., and can be picked up any time. The credits for bachelor and master students will be directly added to the transcript. The results of the final exam are available HERE.


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