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Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium

As of Wintersemester 2016 the HJAC is organized by Ralf Klessen. Click here to forward to the HePhySTO page of HJAC.


The colloquium is organized jointly by the six astronomical institutes in Heidelberg, namely Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI), Institut für theoretische Astrophysik (ITA), Landessternwarte (LSW), Max-Planck Institute für Astronomie (MPIA), Max-Planck Institut für Kernphysik (MPIK), and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS).

Organizer: C.P. Dullemond.
Members of the HJAC-committee: C. Pfrommer, K. Meisenheimer, R. Schmidt, H. Ludwig, R. Tuffs, C.P. Dullemond.

There is a special HJAC youtube channel you can visit. This will always feature the most recent talks plus all previous ones. There is a possibility to subscribe to this channel. The filming and video-editing is done by Emer Brady (as of SS 2015). In case of questions or complaints: final responsibility goes to Dullemond.

Please note the HePhySTO web site which is the central database of astronomy and physics related colloquia and seminars.

In the course of the semester, the videos of the colloquium will be uploaded here.

Program of the summer term 2016:

26 April 2016Harald KrügerMPS GöttingenThe Rosetta/Philae mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoTuffsmovie
3 May 2016Ian RoedererUMichRare Elements from the First Stars to TodayChristliebmovie
10 May 2016Richard EllisESO/CaltechSpectroscopic Studies of Galaxies in the Reionisation EraWambsganßmovie
17 May 2016John WiseGATechSimulating Cosmic Dawn: Predictions for JWSTKlessenmovie
24 May 2016Georges MeynetUni GeneveStellar rotation across the cosmic history: from first stars to present day star-planet interactionsRoepkemovie
31 May 2016Benedetta CiardiMPACosmic Reionization: Theoretical Modeling and Challenging ObservationsSchäfermovie
7 June 2016Simona VegettiESOGravitationally imaging dark matter with strong gravitational lensingSchmidtmovie
14 June 2016Andrew GouldOhio State/MPIASpace-Based Microlensing: From Planets to Black Holesmovie
21 June 2016Romain TeyssierUni ZürichFrom large to small scales and back: the challenges of computational cosmology and galaxy formationSpringelmovie
28 June 2016Julien LesgourguesRWTH AachenTBDMaturimovie
5 July 2016Andrew KingUni LeicesterSupermassive Black Holes: Feeding and FeedbackPfrommermovie
12 July 2016Mark VogelsbergerMITThe Era of Large-Scale Cosmological Simulations: exploring large and small scales simultaneouslyPakmormovie
19 July 2016Melanie KoehlerQMULDust evolution due to accretion and coagulation in the ISMDullemondmovie
26 July 2016Christoph PfrommerHITSHow cosmic rays shape galaxiesmovie

Program of the winter term 2015/16:

20 October 2015Norman MurrayCITACollapse and Star Formation in Self-gravitating Turbulent FluidsKlessenmovie
27 October 2015Juna KollmeierCarnegieCosmological Calorimetry: The nature of the intergalactic medium and the photon underproduction crisisStutzmovie
03 November 2015Ralph PudritzMcMaster/ITARadiative feedback and the formation of massive stars and clustersmovie
10 November 2015Avishai DekelHebrew UniGalaxy Formation at its PeakKlessenmovie
17 November 2015Vasili BelokurovCambridgeLearning about the Dark Matter with stellar streamsSpringelmovie
24 November 2015Karin LindMPIAHow much iron is in our stars?Rixmovie
01 December 2015Steve BalbusOxfordConvection and rotations in starsKlahrmovie
08 December 2015Silke BritzenMPIfRSupermassive Black Holes: From Jets to the Event HorizonParmentiermovie
15 December 2015Leonardo TestiESOALMA and the dawn of planetary systemsDullemondmovie
22 December 2015Christina IfrimUni-HDThe end of the Cretaceous: the causes for the dinosaur extinction 65 Myr agoSchmidtmovie
12 Januar 2016Stefan FunkUni ErlangenThe gamma-ray UniverseTuffsmovie
19 Januar 2016Eva SchinnererMPIARegulation of Star Formation in Galactic Disksmovie
26 Januar 2016Pasquale BlasiINAFCosmic Rays: from sources to EarthPfrommermovie
02 Februar 2016Dan WeiszUC BerkeleyA PHAT New Measurement of the High-Mass IMFSimpsonmovie

Program of the summer term 2015:

21 April 2015Simon WhiteMPA GarchingSimulating the formation and evolution of the galaxy populationSpringelmovie
28 April 2015Charlie ConroyHarvard, USAExtragalactic ArcheologySpringelmovie
5 May 2015Matthias BartelmannITAA microscopic approach to cosmic structure formationmovie
12 May 2015Ralph SchoenrichOxford, UKNew Data, New Methods: Chemodynamic Milky Way Models challenged by modern SurveysBergemannmovie
19 May 2015Caitlin CaseyUC Irvine, USADust-obscured starbursts and their implications for galaxy assembly at early timesGlovermovie
26 May 2015Scott TremaineIAS PrincetonHow did extrasolar planets get their orbits?Rixmovie
2 June 2015Jacco VinkU. Amsterdam, NLAre supernova remnants the dominant source of galactic cosmic rays?Schmidtmovie
9 June 2015Anatoly SpitkovskyPrinceton U., USAAcceleration of particles in astrophysical shocksPfrommermovie
16 June 2015Thomas BaumgarteBowdoin College, USABlack Holes on the ComputerBartelmannmovie
23 June 2015Jessica Agarwal(MPS-Göttingen)Active asteroids: primordial ice, collisions, rotational breakup?Dullemondmovie
30 June 2015Alberto Krone-Martins(U. Lisbon, Portugal)The fourth Paradigm of Science in AstronomySellentinmovie
7 July 2015Boris Gaensicke(U. Warwick)Evolved planetary systems around white dwarfsQuirrenbachmovie
14 July 2015Jenny GreenePrinceton U., USAMASSIVE Galaxies and Small Supermassive Black HolesNeumayermovie
21 July 2015Alexander HegerMonash, AULife and Death of the First StarsKlessenmovie

Program of the winter term 2014/15:

21 October 2014Mark KrumholzUCSCThe Origin of the Stellar Initial Mass FunctionDullemond/Glovermovie
28 October 2014Mike RichUCLAThe Galactic Bulge: Current Perspective, New SurveysKochmovie
4 November 2014Nadine NeumayerMPIANuclear Star Clusters and Black Holesmovie
11 November 2014Hubert KlahrMPIAThe Cradles of Planets - Turbulent Gas Disks around Young Starsmovie
18 November 2014Lars BergströmStockholmHas Dark Matter Finally Been Found?Pfrommermovie
25 November 2014Jacqueline van GorkomColumbiaGas and Galaxy Evolution: From Voids to Clusters, Near and FarSpringel/Simpsonmovie
2 December 2014Rainer BeckMPIfRObserving Magnetic Fields in Galaxies and Prospects with the Square Kilometre ArrayPfrommermovie
9 December 2014Kevin SchawinskiETH-ZurichThe Complex Ends of Galaxy Lives: Star Formation, Black Hole Feedback and the Fate of Gas ReservoirsAltmannmovie
16 December 2014Eric GaidosHawaiiSnowlines, Red Dwarfs, and Little Green Beings: A Cosmic Tale of OriginsMordasinimovie
13 Januar 2015Thorsten EnßlinMPAOur Universe - Cosmological Results of the Planck MissionMeisenheimermovie
20 Januar 2015Francesco HaardtUni MilanoThe Cosmic Ionising Background: from the Reionsation Era to Present DaysMacciomovie
27 Januar 2015Bruce AllenMPG-AEIThe Search for Gravitational WavesTBDmovie
3 Februar 2015Alan HeavensImperial CollegeFundamental Physics from Gravitational LensingMatturimovie

Program of the summer term 2014:

22 April 2014Roberto Capuzzo DolcettaUniv. RomeFrom classical celestial mechanics to modern stellar dynamics in AstronomySchmidt/Olczakmovie
29 April 2014Carsten DominikUni AmsterdamTransition: When protoplanetary disks reveal their planetary systemDullemondmovie
06 May 2014Alessandro MorbidelliObs NiceSolar System formation and evolutionDullemondmovie
16 May 2014Francis HalzenUniv. WisconsinIceCube and the Discovery of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos - NOTE: On Friday, together with Physics Colloquium: INFTuffs
20 May 2014Paolo MolaroObs. Astron. TriesteAstronomical probes of fundamental constantsLudwigmovie
27 May 2014Annette FergusonUniv. EdinburghThe Peripheries of Galaxies: Dim but not DullSpringel
03 June 2014Almudena ArconesTU DarmstadtMaking gold in core-collapse supernovae and neutron star mergersHansenmovie
10 June 2014Catherine HeymansUniv EdinburghObserving the Dark UniverseRixmovie
17 June 2014James BinneyOxford UniversityExtracting Science from Surveys of our GalaxyDullemondmovie
24 June 2014Karin ÖbergCfAThe chemistry of planet formationHenningmovie
01 July 2014Werner HofmannMPIKVery high energy gamma ray astronomy: from H.E.S.S. to CTA
08 July 2014Stefanie WalchUni KölnThe turbulent life-cycle of molecular cloudsKlessenmovie
15 July 2014Nicolas CowanNorthwestern Univ.Planetary Science from the Top-Down: the Exoplanet OpportunityCrossfield
22 July 2014Philip HopkinsCaltechTBDPfrommermovie

Program of the winter term 2013/14:

22 October 2013Steen HannestadUni AarhusCosmology as a laboratory for neutrino physicsThygesenmovie
29 October 2013Marc PinsonneaultOhio StateThe Inner Lives of Stars: Asteroseismology, Stellar Physics, and Stellar PopulationsLudwigmovie
05 November 2013David CharbonneauHarvardThe Fast Track to Finding an Inhabited ExoplanetHenning/Kalteneggermovie
12 November 2013Pavel KroupaUni BonnThe vast polar structures around the Milky Way and Andromeda, and the implications for fundamental physicsKlessenmovie
19 November 2013Marta VolonteriIAP ParisThe growth of massive black holesMacciomovie
26 November 2013Roberto BattistonTrentoPrecision Cosmic Ray Physics with AMS on the International Space StationPasqualimovie
03 December 2013Jarle BrinchmannLeidenThe gas content of galaxies at z<0.2Grovesmovie
10 December 2013Shri KulkarniCaltechBooms, Burps & Bumps: The Dynamic UniverseRixmovie
17 December 2013Reinhard GenzelMPEThe formation and evolution of massive star forming disksDullemondmovie
07 January 2014Hyung Mok LeeUniv SeoulWhat can we learn from the observations of gravitational waves?Spurzemmovie
14 January 2014Eiichiro KomatsuMPA-GarchingTesting the Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundSpringelmovie
21 January 2014Thierry MontmerleIAP ParisHot and Cold: Non-thermal phenomena in star-forming regionsAharonianmovie
28 January 2014Guido De MarchiESAStar formation in the Magellanic clouds as seen by low mass starsParmentiermovie
04 February 2014Laura FerrareseHerzbergNew insights into the Virgo ClusterLisker

Program of the summer term 2013:

If you are interested to meet with the speaker beforehand or afterward, please contact the host of that speaker (see table).

Friday 26 Apr 2013Brian SchmidtAustralian National University, AusType Ia Supernovae, The Accelerating Cosmos, and Dark Energy
30 Apr 2013-- cancelled --
7 May 2013Chris KochanekOhio, USADusty Explosions From Dusty StarsFohlmeistermovie
14 May 2013Artie HatzesTautenburg, DEDigging in the Dirt: Finding Exo-Earths in the presence of stellar noiseKalteneggermovie
21 May 2013Christoph MordasiniMPIAPlanet formation and evolution models: statistical comparisons with observationsmovie
28 May 2013Imke de PaterBerkeley, USAExploring our Solar System using 8-10 m telescopesConrad
4 Jun 2013Max PettiniCambridge, UKNear-pristine gas at intermediate redshifts: a window to early nucleosynthesisKochmovie
11 Jun 2013Thomas JankaMPA, DEUnravelling the Explosion Mechanism of Massive Stars - Supernova Models Confronting ObservationsChristliebmovie
18 Jun 2013Bjoern SchaeferUniHDCosmology and astronomy with the Planck-surveyormovie
25 Jun 2013Raffaella SchneiderRoma, ITThe first stars and galaxiesKlessenpodcast
2 Jul 2013Enrico Ramirez-RuizSanta Cruz, USAProfiling Massive Black Holes through Stellar Tidal DisruptionSchmidtmovie
9 Jul 2013Frank van den BoschYale, USAOn the Assembly of Galaxies in Dark Matter HaloesMeisenheimermovie
23 Jul 2013Eva GrebelUniHDDwarf Galaxies and Their Role as Building Blocks

Program of the winter term 2012/2013:

23 Oct 2012Elizabeth StanwayUniv. of Warwick, UKStar Formation in Small Galaxies across Cosmic TimeHuxorMovie
30 Oct 2012Natalie BatalhaSan Jose Univ., USAThe Kepler mission - new resultsKalteneggerMovie
06 Nov 2012Christiane HellingUniv. of St. Andrews, UKThe Richness of Substellar Atmospheres: Cloud Formation and Global Electric CircuitsDullemondNo movie
13 Nov 2012Raffaele GrattonAstr. Obs. of Padova, ITMultiple populations in globular clustersKochMovie
20 Nov 2012Edouard AuditCEA/CNRS, FRTurbulence and fragmentation in the interstellar mediumVoelk / KlessenMovie
27 Nov 2012Eric HerbstUniv. of Virginia, USANew Telescopes, New Expectations, Puzzling resultsKreckel / HenningMovie
04 Dec 2012Avery BroderickUniv. of Waterloo, CAImaging Supermassive Black holes on Horizon ScalesSpringelMovie
11 Dec 2012Maryam ModjazNYU, USAStellar Forensics with Explosions: Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and their EnvironmentsRixMovie
18 Dec 2012Hans-Walter RixMPIA, DEHow the Milky Way built its DiskMovie
08 Jan 2013Scott TragerUniv. Groningen, NLThe low-mass stellar IMF in early-type galaxies: techniques, results, and questionsPasqualiMovie
15 Jan 2013Lauro MoscardiniUniv. Bologna, ITCosmology with future wide galaxy cluster cataloguesBartelmannMovie
22 Jan 2013Annette FergusonUniv. of Edinburgh, UKThe Peripheries of Nearby Galaxies: Dim but not DullCANCELLED (Speaker's flight has been cancelled)
29 Jan 2013Andrew TaylorDIAS, IEA New Probe to Extragalatic Magnetic Fields Using Gamma-Rays and Cosmic RaysAharonianMovie
05 Feb 2013Heino FalckeRadboud Univ., NLLOFAR - The Low-Frequency Array: from ultra-high energy cosmic rays to the early universeMeisenheimerMovie

On the previous web site you can find the videos of last academic year.

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