Python for Scientists Block Course Summer Semester 2016

General information

Welcome to the Python for Scientists course! This course was developed by Dr. Thomas P. Robitaille, who gave this course for many years at the Heidelberg University. Due to the popularity of this course we now offer several block courses in parallel. Dr. Robitaille has moved on to another job so this course is now given by other teachers. This year these are, Dr. Ruediger Pakmor (group 1, Aug 1-5, CIP Phil 12), Prof. Cornelis Dullemond (group 2, Aug 1-5, CIP INF 226) and Dr. Markus Demleitner (group 3, Aug 8-12, CIP Phil 12).

We will use the Uebungsgruppenverwaltungssystem to administer this course:

This is in fact the place where you have already registered.

This web page is meant only for group 2. My name is Cornelis ("Kees") Dullemond and I will be your teacher. My email address is The exercises will be corrected and commented by our tutor, Ms. Anna Penzlin. The lecture will be in fact mostly based on exercises and will be very interactive.

Lecture schedule: 9:00 (st!) - 14:30 main lecture + exercises. And from 14:30 - 17:00 time for finishing homework. I will be there fore questions most of the time.

PLEASE NOTE: The block lecture is now finished. The material below is no longer online available. Instead please refer to the original course by Dr. Thomas Robitaille.


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