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DISKSTRUCT: A simple 1+1-D disk structure code

C.P. Dullemond

General description

DISKSTRUCT is a simple 1+1-D code for modeling protoplanetary disks. It is not based on multidimensional radiative transfer! Instead, a flaring-angle recipe is used to compute the irradiation of the disk, while the disk vertical structure at each cylindrical radius is computed in a 1-D fashion (Dullemond, van Zadelhoff & Natta 2003). The models computed with this code are therefore approximate! Moreover, this model cannot deal with the dust inner rim!

In spite of these simplifications and drawbacks, the code can still be very useful for disk studies, for the following reasons:

  • It allows the disk structure to be studied in a 1-D vertical fashion (one radial cylinder at a time). For understanding the structure of disks, and also for using it as a basis of other models, this can be a great advantage.
  • For very optically thick disks this code is likely to be much faster than the RADMC full disk model.
  • Viscous internal heating of the disk is implemented and converges quickly, whereas the RADMC code is still having difficulty to deal with high optical depth combined with viscously generated internal heat.

So as long as you are fully aware of the limitations of the 1+1D approach, this code can be of use to you.

Download version of 28 August 2010.

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