This is a subroutine package specifically developed for calculating the dust production by AGB stars with varying C/O abundance ratios as they develop along the AGB and dredge up carbon after each thermal pulse. It solves the equations for dust growth, outflow velocity and temperature stratification in a stationary, spherically symmetric outflow. It is based on a simple outflow model and uses either a simple analytic model for a gray dust temperature stratification in the dust shell (rapid), or it calculates self-consistently temperatures for each dust species by solving the radiative transfer problem in the dust shell and iterating to flux constancy (slow). In that case also the spectrum is calculated.

It considers the following dust species:

The program is written in FORTRAN77

The details of the dust formation algorithm are essentially described in:

A.S Ferrarotti, H.-P. Gail (2006) Composition and quantities of dust produced by AGB-stars and returned to the interstellar medium. Astronomy & Astrophysics 447, 553-576

but is extended by some further species and in particular considers particle drift.

The following output-files are generated:

Sample programs

Program files

Input files

Files with dust opacities

(have to be placed in a sub-directory with name 'dudat'