Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


Mittwoch, 15. September 2010 - 15:15

Kayhan Gultekin:

"Black-Hole Mass Scaling Relations: Updates, Scatter, and Quiescent Activity."

Zusammenfassung. I will discuss recently derived, improved versions of the relations between supermassive black hole mass (M_BH) and host-galaxy bulge velocity dispersion (sigma) and luminosity (L; the M-sigma and M-L relations), based on 49 M_BH measurements and 19 upper limits. We paid particular attention to the recovery of the intrinsic scatter in both relations. The results for ellipticals are consistent with previous studies, but the intrinsic scatter recovered for spirals is significantly larger. The scatter inferred reinforces the need for its consideration when calculating local black hole mass function based on the M-sigma relation, and further implies that there may be substantial selection bias in studies of the evolution of the M-sigma relation. I will also present recent work that examines the relationship among black hole mass, X-ray luminosity, and radio luminosity of the accreting system and consider its use in estimating black hole mass.

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