Below you can find movies related to the following paper:
  • "Sormani et al. (2019), "The geometry of the gas surrounding the Central Molecular Zone: on the origin of localised molecular clouds with extreme velocity dispersions"

    3D Flyby visualisation

    This 3D visualisation explores the snapshot at t=178Myr of the simulation (the same which is shown in Figs. 2,3,4 in the paper). The colours show the total gas density. It is made using GLnemo2, an interactive visualization 3D program for nbody snapshots developed by Jean-charles LAMBERT and freely downloadable from this link

    Time evolution

    This video shows the time evolution of the total gas density in the simulation. Shown are both the top-down (x,y) view, which is what we would see by flying over the Galaxy, and the projected (l,b,v) view, which is what we would see from our embedded perspective inside the Galactic disc a the Sun position.

    Time evolution zoom

    Same as the previous video, but zooming-in in the innermost 300pc/2degrees.

    CO 3D PPV structure of feature V1

    This video shows the 3D Position-Position-Velocity structure in CO of the Extended Velocity Feature V1 shown in Fig. 3 in the paper. The CO projections are made in the optically thin approximation.

    CO 3D PPV structure of feature V2

    Same as previous video, but for the feature V2 shown in Fig. 5 in the paper.