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Postdoc position in Planet Formation (Computational Astrophysics)

The Planet Formation Group at the Center for Astronomy at Heidelberg University (ITA/ZAH) is seeking excellent candidates for a Postdoc position in Theoretical Astrophysics. The position is part of a DFG-funded project on the topic of planet formation. The goal of the project is to develop a new computational method to follow the growth of planetary embryos by combining an N-body code with a Monte Carlo model. The ultimate goal is to be able to compute the composition of the final rocky planets.

Prior experience and publications in computational astrophysics and algorithm/code development are a prerequisite. In addition to working on the planned project, it is encouraged that the postdoc works on own research projects as well.

Any potential candidate is strongly encouraged to informally ask questions prior to an official application by simply emailing Prof. Cornelis Dullemond (

Applications should be directed in electronic form to:

Prof. Cornelis Dullemond
Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik (ITA),
Zentrum für Astronomie (ZAH)
Heidelberg University

and should include a letter of interest, a CV, a publication list, and the email addresses of three senior scientists willing to write letters of recommendation.

This project is part of the DFG Priority Programme 'Exploring the Diversity of Extrasolar Planets' (SPP 1992) which brings together different aspects of exoplanet research, theoretical as well as observational. This means that there will be ample opportunity for travel between the various nodes of this SPP in Germany, and for collaboration with peers across the many subdisciplines of the field of exoplanetary research. For more information on the SPP 1992 visit the programmes website:


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