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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 3:15pm

Vincenzo Antonuccio-Delogu (INAF - Catania Astrophysical Observatory):

"Physical models of AGN feedback: Simulations of jet-ISM/IGM interactions"

Abstract. The presence of young stellar populations in nearby early-type galaxies (Kaviraj et al., 2006; Schawinski et al., 2007), and the observations and modelling of circumnuclear stellar formation (e.g. Davies et al., 2007) have been recently brought forward as evidences of the feebdack from AGN on their host galaxies. We have recently performed a series of simulations of jet-ISM/IGM interactions (V.A.-D. and Silk, 2008; Tortora, V. A.-D. and Silk, 2008), aimed at quantifying the ability of this phenomenon to suppress or induce stellar formation (negative/positive feedback). The adoption of an Adaptive Mesh refinement code (FLASH v.2.5) and of an initial setup where the multiphase struvcture of the ISM is reproduced (Baek et al., 2005), allows a detailed study of jet-cloud interaction. We use these results to build up a "unified" model of AGN feedback, where positive feedback originates from different phases of the cocoon's interaction with clouds. Within this model, rejuvenation episodes on different scales originate from different temporal and spatial phases of cocoon's interaction with the ISM/IGM.

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