University of Heidelberg

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Monday, June 20, 2011 - 11:30am

Julian Merten:

"Merging cluster of galaxies, creation of cosmic structure"

Abstract. The standard LCDM model of cosmology predicts a bottom-up scenario of structure formation, entitling clusters of galaxies as the latest structures to form in the observable Universe. Furthermore, clusters are observable in different wavelength regimes, from radio to X-ray and the baryonic component is less dominant apart from the innermost core. Those properties make galaxy clusters ideal laboratories to study the processes of structure formation from an observational and theoretical point of view. Particularly interesting are merging clusters of galaxies where you can observe almost directly the interplay between the different dark and baryonic mass components. Almost all known cases of cluster mergers show surprising behaviour and challenge our understanding of structure formation. In my talk I will present the most interesting of these cases, including the newly-discovered "quad-merger" Abell 2744, dubbed Pandora's cluster.

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