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Monday, October 17, 2011 - 11:00am

Volker Gaibler:

"AGN jets and their impact on galactic star formation"

Abstract. Feedback from AGN jets has become a candidate for high-redshift massive galaxies to quench their star formation at later times in order to reach agreement between simulated and observed galaxies. While this can be done in semi-analytic models, hydrodynamical simulations so far were limited to a coarse resolution and a very simple receipe for the feedback. By means of 3D high-resolution hydrodynamical simulations, we have examine the detailed interaction of a resolved jet with the complex multi-phase environment of a clumpy galactic gas disk and hot gas and it's impact onto the dynamics of the gas. We furthermore have explicitly included the formation of stars and find a strong impact on the star formation of a gas-rich galaxy. I will outline the results and discuss the underlying physical mechanism we find in the simulations.

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