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Monday, March 19, 2012 - 11:00am

Gero Juergens:

"Time Renormalisation in Cosmological Structure Formation"

Abstract. Structures evolve from small and nearly Gaussian distributed perturbations in the homogeneous initial density field. Upcoming galaxy surveys provide statistics of the density field to high accuracy in a regime, in which the evolution equations become non-linear and standard perturbative methods fail. To be able to use this data, sufficiently accurate theoretical tools are needed. One promising method beyond standard perturbation theory follows directly the time evolution of correlators instead of the fields (Time Renormalisation). A hierarchy of evolution equations for correlators with increasing order can be found. For a solution, the system has to be truncated at a certain order. In our work, we study the influence of the trispectrum (four-point correlation) on the system, which has not been included so far.

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