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Monday, April 8, 2013 - 11:00am

Nikolaos Fanidakis:

"The large scale environment of AGN"

Abstract. AGN inhabit a wide range of dark-matter halo environments; from the centres of clusters, where radio galaxies reside, to average Milky-Way like haloes, in which quasars are found. In my talk, I will demonstrate that the variety of AGN environments can be explained when more than one accretion modes are responsible for fueling the growth of black holes. I will show this by means of a model which combines N-body simulations and analytical prescriptions in a universe with Λ cold dark matter. With this model, I will explain how the large scale environment of AGN depends on luminosity, AGN type and black hole mass. I will further demonstrate how AGN can be used, along with line-emitting galaxies, to pinpoint the location of galaxy protoclusters in the high-redshift Universe.

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