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Monday, April 15, 2013 - 11:00am

Andrea Maccio:

"The origin of the Bulge-Black Hole mass relation"

Abstract. I will show that the Bulge Black-hole mass scaling relations observed from the local to the high-z universe can be largely or even entirely explained by a non-causal origin, i.e., they do not imply the need for any physically coupled growth of black hole (BH) and bulge mass, for example, through feedback by active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Provided some physics for the absolute normalization, the creation of the scaling relations can be fully explained by the hierarchical assembly of BH and stellar mass through galaxy merging, from an initially uncorrelated distribution of BH and stellar masses in the early universe. The observed correlation between bulge and central black hole mass does not also imply a co-evolution of galaxies and their black hole.

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