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Monday, November 4, 2013 - 11:00am

Esteban Morales (MPIA):

"Embedded and open clusters in the inner Galaxy"

Abstract. Stars are born within dense clumps of giant molecular clouds, and constitute young stellar agglomerates known as embedded clusters, which only evolve into bound open clusters under special conditions. I will present some of the results from a forthcoming paper (Morales et al. 2013, accepted, arXiv:1310.2612), in which we statistically study a compiled sample of 695 embedded and open clusters in the inner Galaxy (|l| < 60 deg and |b| < 1.5 deg), in particular investigating their interaction with the surrounding molecular environment and the differences in their evolution. I will discuss how the distribution of the molecular material as traced by the ATLASGAL submm continuum survey can be used to observationally define an open cluster or/and embedded cluster, and what is the physical meaning of this classification. Based on this definition, in our paper we study the distance distribution, completeness, and age distribution for embedded and open clusters separately, and quantify the dissolution fraction of embedded clusters.

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