Latest paper on lensing

A new investigation of how much the properties of each observed data-set and each lens can influence the detectability of low-mass haloes and subhaloes. We investigate HST, Keck-AO, ALMA and Euclid data quality. "Detecting low-mass haloes with gravitational lensing I: the effect of data quality and lensing configuration", MNRAS 2021. See more

Latest paper on Dark Matter

Can we distinguish cold and self-interacting dark matter with elliptical galaxies? We look at the shapes of elliptical galaxies in numerical simulations, gravitational lensing data and X-Ray observations and draw conclusions on realistic constraints on the self-interaction cross-section. submitted to MNRAS See more

Projects for Bachelor/Master degrees

If you are a student interested in dark matter, simulations and gravitational lensing in any order, get in contact with me for ideas for a thesis based on cosmology!

Upcoming talks

Strasbourg Observatory, 25.11.2022

Conference: Gravitational lensing in the era of big data, Otranto 06.2023