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Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics

Albert-Ueberle-Str. 2 and Philosophenweg 12
69120 Heidelberg
Tel.(AU-2): 06221 54 4837
Tel.(Phil-12): 06221 54 4703
Fax.(AU-2): +49 6221 54 4221
Fax.(Phil-12): +49 6221 54 4702

Welcome to the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics!

The Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics is part of the Center for Astronomy Heidelberg, together with the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut and the Landessternwarte Königsstuhl.

An old mansion in Albert-Ueberle-Straße contains the departments Star Formation of Prof. Klessen and Planet Formation of Prof. Dullemond. One can find the department of Cosmology of Prof. Bartelmann on the second floor of the Philosophenweg 12 building, where also the groups of Prof. Schäfer (ARI) and Prof. Amendola (ITP) are housed.

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