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Star-Formation Group

We work on different aspects of star formation in the Galaxy as well as in the early universe. We study interstellar turbulence and formation and evolution of molecular clouds. We are also interested in the dynamical evolution of the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies. As our work relies heavily on computer simulations, we also work on developing and improving numerical methods for astrophysics.

Group Members

Head: Ralf S. Klessen
Scientific Staff: Simon C. O. Glover
Emmy Noether Group Leader: Frank Bigiel
Postdocs: Diane Cormier    (Emmy Noether Group)
Volker Gaibler    (also in planet formation group)
Dimitrios Gouliermis   
Rahul Shetty
Rowan J. Smith
PhD Students: Erik Bertram
Christian Baczynski
Raquel Chicharro   (Emmy Noether Group)
Juan Ibanez   (mostly at AMNH, New York)
Lukas Konstandin
Mei Sasaki
Jennifer Schober
Laszlo Szűcs    (also in planet formation group)
Students: Andre Bubel
Alexandros Dimaratos   (Emmy Noether Group)
Tilman Hartwig
Christoph Klein
Martin Reinhardt

Current Research Highlights:

Density projection of dark matter at z = 15

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Former Group Members

Dr. Richard Allison
Clio Bertelli Motta
Roxana-Adela Chira
Senior Lecturer Dr. Paul C. Clark
Dr. Philipp Girichidis
Martin Schrön
Dr. Thomas Peters
Prof. Dr. Robi Banerjee
Dr. Ingo Berentzen
Dr. Gustavo Dopcke
Jayanta Dutta
Dr. Christoph Federrath
Julien Fieger
Dr. Thomas Greif
Susanne Horn
Philipp Hottinger
Dr. Anna-Katharina Jappsen
Dr. Viki Joergens
Dr. Spyridon Kitsionas
Hendrik Lönngren
Sebastian Lorek
Florian Mandl
Dr. Faviola Molina
Dr. Milica Micic
Camilo Penaloza
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dominik Schleicher
Dr. Stefan Schmeja
Dr. Daniel Seifried
Dr. Sharanya Sur
Dr. Hsiang-Hsu Wang
Dr. Svitlana Zhukovska


star formation, interstellar turbulence, molecular cloud dynamics, galactic dynamics, first stars, numerical methods


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