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Christian Angrick (ITA)
Rolf Kuiper (MPIA)
Sophia Lianou (ARI)
Peter Melchior (ITA)
Benjamin Moster (MPIA)
astroconv (at)

Heidelberg Astronomers' Convention 2008

Date: 26.03.2008
Location: KIP Heidelberg


Many working groups at the astronomy and physics institutes in Heidelberg are studying similar subjects. The goals of this meeting are to acquire a thorough overview of the current astronomical and astrophysical research conducted in Heidelberg and to establish or enhance contacts between different groups and group members.

In order to achieve these goals, graduate students – in particular from IMPRS/HGSFP – organize this meeting with the major intention of bringing together as many involved scientists and students as possible.

Directors and group leaders from the five astronomy-related institutes in Heidelberg will give introductory talks on ongoing research during the morning sessions. After the lunch break, there will be roundtable discussions on various topics of particular interest, conducted by experts in these fields.


For participating, a registration is mandatory.
The registration deadline is Friday, March 21st. The convention is free of charge.


The Heidelberg Astronomers' Convention is supported by IMPRS and HGSFP.


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