University of Heidelberg

Star and Planet Formation

Graduate days, 10-14 October 2005

(Full material, including transparencies not shown during the lecture)

(NOTE: Material has been taken offline due to the conflict between the German Universities and the VG WORT)

Chapter 01 "Introduction" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 02 "Radiation Physics" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 03 "Hydrodynamics, MHD" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 04 "Giant Molecular Couds" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 05 "Selfgravitating spheres" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 06 "Cloud collapse" (ppt) (pdf)(mov wobble)(mov collapse)
Chapter 07 "Accretion disks (1)" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 08 "Accretion disks (2)" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 09 "Irradiated disks" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 10 "Magnetosph. accretion, Jets"(ppt)(pdf)
Chapter 11 "Particle motion in disks"(ppt)(pdf)
Chapter 12 "Aggregation of particles"(ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 13 "Solar system, exoplanets"(ppt)(pdf)
Chapter 14 "Formation of planets" (ppt) (pdf)
Chapter 15 "Migration of planets" (ppt) (pdf)
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