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Current: General Relativity (MKTP3.1) summer semester 2023

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Matteo Maturi (ITA/ZAH, ITP)

Space and time:
  • Summer semester, 2023
  • From April 17th to July 19th
  • Monday 09:15-11:00 (INF308/HS 2)
  • Wednesday 09:15-11:00 (INF308/HS 2)
Gravity is the weakest of all forces in nature and yet it shapes our universe on all scales, from humans bind to Hearth up to defining the dynamics of the entire universe. The lectures will open the path in the understanding on gravity as described by the theory of General Relativity. The students will learn about the properties of flat and curved space-times, the behaviour of massive and massless particles in presence of gravity, black holes a different kinds, gravitational waves, the dynamic of the universe, etc...

OPEN: Official page

To get credit points for the lectures it is necessary to enroll, see above.

PTP2, PTP3 is helpful but not mandatory.

The lectures will be held in person and will be recorded. Lecture notes about what will be present at the blackboard and additional material will be provided. The notes will be complementary to other material/books and present full derivations. I will start slow to build a solid ground and gradually increase the paste.

Material and exercises:
The lecture notes, additional material and the exercises are accessible on the official page.

Lehre, Studium und Forschung:
Lecture Token MKTP3.1 (8CP): LSF

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