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Current: Theoretical Astrophysics (MKTP2) WS2022/23

OPEN: enroll. The enrolment password is astroteo.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Matteo Maturi (ITA/ZAH, ITP)

Space and time:
  • Winter semester, 2021/22
  • From 15.10.2022 to -.-.23
  • Monday 09:15-11:00 (Phil.12/gHS)
  • Wednesday 09:15-11:00 (Phil.12/gHS)
The lectures will cover a variety of topics that will allow the students to understand the physics involving celestial bodies such as planets, stars, nebulae, black holes, galaxies, galaxy clusters, etc.. The lectures and exercise classes are held in English.

  • Basics: Recap on basic concepts - Special relativity - Electromagnetism - Phase space and Planck spectrum
  • Radiation processes: Emission and absorbtion in the cosmos - Thompson and Compton scattering - Spectra (in general) and quantum transitions - Synchrotron and Bremsstrahlung - Radiation transport
  • Hydrodynamics: How to deal with fluids - Ideal hydrodynamics - Viscous hydrodynamics - Examples and applications - Shock waves and instabilities
  • Stellar dynamics: The Jeans equations - The tensor virial theorem
  • Plasma physics: How to deal with ionized gasses - Collisionless plasmas - Radiation in ionized media - Thermal plasmas - Magnitohydrodynamics
  • Gravitational wanders (bonus): New imprtant windows in astrophysics - Gravitational lensing, dark matter mapping and black hole shadows - Gravitatinal waves and merging of black holes

PTP3 and PTP4 are helpful but not mandatory.

The lectures will be held in person. All lectures will be recorded so that the videos can be downloaded. All tutorial will be in prson as well.

To get credit points for the lectures it is necessary to enroll. The enrolment password is astroteo.

The lecture notes and additinal material can be downloaded on Uebungen.

To select a tutorial visit this page: here.

Written, date: TBD

Admission to the exam:
Attend at least 50% of the tutorials. If attendance < 50%, it is required to hand in 3 full exercise sheets that will be graded. AND gain 3 points by: presenting half exercise (1 point) actively participating in the discussion during the tutorials (max 1 point per tutorial).

Lehre, Studium und Forschung:
Lecture Token MKTP2 (8CP): LSF

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