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The ITA "blackboard" Colloquium on Modern Topics in Astrophysics takes place in the seminar roon R056 on the ground floor of Philosphenweg 12. The regular time is Monday at 11:00.
For more information contact Matteo Maturi.

Talk schedule in summer term 2010:

The following list contains all planned or already finished talks of the term. Additional talks may be added on short notice. The next talk is highlighted in blue.

Date Time Speaker Title Abstract Talk
03/17/10 3:15pm Kambiz Fathi (Stockhokm) The Scale Length of Galaxies link -
03/31/10 3:15pm Paul Surajit (IUCAA) Evolution of structure formation shocks and turbulence in the web-like filamentary universe link -
04/14/10 3:15pm Wilfred Frieswijk Observing the early stages of clustered (massive) star formation link -
04/21/10 3:15pm Ingo Berentzen Massive Black Hole Binaries in Galactic Nuclei: Stalling or Falling? link -
04/28/10 3:15pm Bjoern Malte Schaefer Angular Momenta of Galaxies. link -
05/12/10 3:15pm Rolf Kuiper The role of radiation pressure and accretion disks in the formation of massive stars link -
05/19/10 3:15pm Hsi-Yu Schive (National Taiwan University) GAMER with the Out-of-core Computation link -
06/17/10 4:15pm Satej Khedekar TBD - -
06/25/10 4:15pm William Harris (McMaster University) The Astrophysics of Supermassive Star Clusters link -
06/30/10 3:15pm Brandon Kelly Constraints on Black Hole Growth, Quasar Lifetimes, and Eddington Ratio Distributions from the SDSS Broad Line Quasar Black Hole Mass Function link -
08/03/10 3:00pm Satej Khedekar (TIFR Mumbai) Constraining cosmology with galaxy clusters -- wedding cakes & rulers. link -
08/04/10 3:15pm Ian Parrish (Berkeley) The Interaction of Turbulence, Conduction, and Feedback in Galaxy Cluster Cores link -
08/18/10 3:15pm Colin McNally (American Museum of Natural History) Phurbas: a Lagrangian code for MHD (and more?) link -
09/15/10 3:15pm Kayhan Gultekin Black-Hole Mass Scaling Relations: Updates, Scatter, and Quiescent Activity. link -

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