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The ITA "blackboard" Colloquium on Modern Topics in Astrophysics takes place in the seminar roon R056 on the ground floor of Philosphenweg 12. The regular time is Monday at 11:00.
For more information contact Matteo Maturi.

Talk schedule in summer term 2011:

The following list contains all planned or already finished talks of the term. Additional talks may be added on short notice. The next talk is highlighted in blue.

Date Time Speaker Title Abstract Talk
03/09/11 3:15pm Stefanie Walch (Cardiff) The chemo-turbulent fragmentation of the ISM - -
04/11/11 11:20am Mathias Bartelmann Two problems with galaxy clusters link -
04/18/11 11:00am Naoki Yoshida (IMPU Tokyo) Simulating structure formation in the early universe link -
05/02/11 11:00am Christian Angrick Deriving the X-ray temperature function for galaxy clusters without reference to mass from the statistics of Gaussian random fields link -
05/09/11 11:00am Cornelius Dullemond The growth of a planetesimal by accretion of small particles: Does the ambient gas help or make it more difficult? link -
05/16/11 11:00am Ralf Klessen The Origin of Turbulence link -
05/30/11 11:00am Mordecai Mac Low (American Museum of Natural History) A new Lagrangian, adaptive, high-order particle algorithm for gas dynamics and MHD. link -
  - -
06/06/11 11:00am Simon Glover The Chemistry of the Early Universe link -
06/20/11 11:30am Julian Merten Merging cluster of galaxies, creation of cosmic structure link -
07/04/11 11:30am Philipp Girichidis Importance of the Initial Conditions for Star Formation link -
07/11/11 11:30am Fabio Iocco (IAP Paris) Dark Matter annihilation and the first stars link -
07/18/11 11:30am Massimo Meneghetti Strong-lensing clusters: how peculiar are they? link -
07/25/11 11:30am Luigi Iapichino Turbulence and magnetic fields behind merger shocks in galaxy clusters, and applications to radio relics link -
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