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The ITA "blackboard" Colloquium on Modern Topics in Astrophysics takes place in the seminar roon R056 on the ground floor of Philosphenweg 12. The regular time is Monday at 11:00.
For more information contact Matteo Maturi.

Talk schedule in summer term 2008:

The following list contains all planned or already finished talks of the term. Additional talks may be added on short notice. The next talk is highlighted in blue.

Date Time Speaker Title Abstract Talk
04/16/08 3:15pm Fakultätsratssitzung, no colloquium - -
04/18/08 2:00pm Simon Glover (AIP, Potsdam) Uncertainties in primordial chemistry and cooling link -
04/23/08 3:15pm Dirk Froebrich (University of Kent) Exploiting 2MASS: A Systematic Search for and Discovery of new Galactic (Globular) Clusters link pdf
04/30/08 3:15pm Thomas Greif (ITA) The Formation of the First Stars and Galaxies link pdf
05/14/08 3:15pm Francesco Pace (ITA) The detection of galaxy clusters link -
05/21/08 3:15pm Richard Wunsch (Cardiff University) Fragmentation of the expanding self-gravitating shell link -
05/28/08 3:15pm Fakultätsratssitzung, no colloquium - -
06/04/08 3:15pm Henrik Beuther (MPIA) Massive Star Formation: Constraining Physical and Chemcial Processes with (sub)mm Interferometer Observations link -
06/11/08 3:15pm Dani Maoz (Tel Aviv University) What do Black Holes do at Night? link -
06/25/08 3:15pm Katherine Freese (University of Michigan) Dark Stars: a new phase of stellar evolution driven by dark matter annihilation in the first stars link -
07/02/08 3:15pm Ahmad Hujeirat (LSW) Powerful jets from around black holes on all mass scales link -
07/14/08 9:15am Jim Liebert (University of Arizona) White Dwarfs and Those with M Companions from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey - -
07/16/08 3:15pm Ralph Pudritz (McMaster University) Protostellar jets as collimated winds from accretion disks link -
07/23/08 3:15pm Ralph Pudritz (McMaster University) Solving the protostellar angular momentum problem link -
07/24/08 2:00pm Knut Waagan (University of Oslo) A positive, second order scheme for astrophysical gas dynamics link -
08/06/08 3:15pm Shude Mao (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester) Strong gravitational lensing by stars and galaxies link -

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