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The ITA "blackboard" Colloquium on Modern Topics in Astrophysics takes place in the seminar roon R056 on the ground floor of Philosphenweg 12. The regular time is Monday at 11:00.
For more information contact Matteo Maturi.

Talk schedule in winter term 2014/15:

The following list contains all planned or already finished talks of the term. Additional talks may be added on short notice. The next talk is highlighted in blue.

Date Time Speaker Title Abstract Talk
10/20/14 11:00am Mei Sasaki (ZAH/ITA) Statistical properties of dark matter mini-haloes at z >= 15 & the criterion for HD formation in the early universe link -
10/27/14 11:00am Gerasimos Rigopopulos (ITP) On the effective field theory for cosmological clustering link -
11/03/14 11:00am Daniel Whalen (ZAH/ITA) Detecting Ancient Supernovae with CLASH link -
11/10/14 11:00am Jorge Abreu-Vicente (MPIA) Relationship between density structure and evolutionary class of molecular clouds link -
11/17/14 11:00am Denis Yurin (MPIA) A new method for the construction of N-body galaxy models in collisionless equilibrium link -
11/24/14 11:00am Miguel Zumalacarregui (ITP) Transforming gravity link -
12/01/14 11:00am Matthias Reidlech (ZAH/ITA) Correlation Between X-ray and Lensing Signal of Galaxy Clusters link -
12/08/14 11:00am Sven Meyer (ZAH/ITA) Evolution of linear perturbations in Lema√ģre-Tolman-Bondi models link -
12/15/14 11:00am Nikolay Kacharov (ZAH/LSW) Chemical elements in globular clusters link -
01/12/15 11:00am Mauricio Carrasco (ZAH/ITA) Dark Matter distribution in galaxy clusters link -
01/19/15 11:00am Christian Angrik (ZAH/ITA) A semi-analytic prediction for the cluster X-ray temperature function without reference to mass link -
01/26/15 11:00am Cornelis Dullemond (ZAH/ITA) BOMS: Bags of Molten Stuff - or how to form chondrules from colliding planetesimals link -
02/02/15 11:00am Elena Sellentin (ITP) Forecasting with higher order Fisher matrices link -
02/09/15 11:00am Anahi Caldu Primo (MPIA) Quantifying ISM turbulence in nearby galaxies on 100 pc scales link -
02/16/15 11:00am Maria Kapala (MPIA) A Herschel Space Observatory View of the Andromeda Galaxy link -
02/23/15 11:00am Thorsten Lisker (ZAH/ARI) What caused star formation in dwarf galaxies to cease? link -
03/02/15 11:00am Camilla Penzo (MPIA) Disc Galaxy formation in dynamical and coupled dark energy link -
03/09/15 11:00am Felix Fabis (ZAH/ITA) Cosmic structure formation with renormalisation and resummation technique link -

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