Galactic Scale Star Formation

Observation meets Theory



9:00—9:10 Welcome / Introductory Remarks
Session 1 Massive star formation & star clusters
9:10—9:45 H. Beuther (invited) Milky Way Structure and the Initial Conditions for High-Mass Star Formation
9:45—10:10 C. Battersby Star Formation Signatures and the Evolution of Dense Molecular Gas Clumps into Massive Stars and Star Clusters
10:10—10:35 R. Smith Signatures of Massive Star Formation
10:35—11:15 Coffee Break
11:15—11:30 Poster Talks #1 Alexander, Eden, Gaczkowski, Ibanez, Klein, Kudryavtseva, Mackey, Morales, Molina, Pestalozzi, Peters, Servajean, Zhukovska
11:30—11:55 S. Kendrew Tracing Milky Way star formation with interstellar bubbles
11:55—12:30 F. Motte (invited) HOBYS and W43, two more steps towards a Galaxy-wide understanding of high-mass star formation
12:30—12:55 M. Hennemann Cloud structure and (high-mass) star formation rate: HOBYS Herschel observations of massive ridges, their feeding sub-filaments, and the evolution of massive dense cores
13:00—14:30 Lunch
14:30—14:45 Poster Talks #2 Brandner, French, Ginsburg, Higuchi, Johansson, Kainulainen, Lee, Li-G-X, Li-H-B, Robitaille, SanJoseGarcia, Smith-M-D
14:45—15:10 D. Kruijssen The fraction of star formation occurring in bound stellar clusters
15:10—15:35 T. Preibisch A multi-wavelength study of the Carina Nebula, the most nearby giant star factory in our Galaxy
15:35—16:00 A. Stolte Constraining the initial conditions of Galactic centre cluster formation
16:00—16:35 Coffee Break
16:35—17:00 W.-H. Hsu Testing the Environmental Dependence of the Initial Mass Function
Session 2 The ISM in the Milky Way
17:00—17:35 L. Hartmann (invited) Implications of the micro- and meso-scale views of galactic star formation for extra-galactic processes
17:35—18:00 Y. Shirley Complete Spectroscopic Observations of Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey Clumps
18:00 Welcome Drinks / Reception


9:00—9:35 B. Elmegreen (invited) Regularity and Turbulence in Galactic Star Formation
9:35—10:00 S. Stanimirovic How important is the warm neutral medium for H2 and star formation?
10:00—10:25 R. Pudritz Galactic scale simulations of the formation of Giant Molecular Clouds
10:25—11:05 Coffee Break
11:05—11:30 S. Ragan The seeds of star formation in infrared-dark clouds as seen by Herschel
11:30—12:05 P. Hopkins (invited) The Origins of ISM Structure, Stellar Clustering, & a (Not-So-Universal) IMF
12:05—12:20 Poster Talks #3 Colombo, Coucke, Ford, Foyle, Frank, Hermanowicz, Hughes, Kaleida, Kapala, Mogotsi, Parkin, Veltchev
12:20—14:00 Lunch
Session 3 Disk Galaxies — Observations
14:00—14:35 A. Leroy (invited) The HERACLES and THINGS View of Star Formation and the ISM
14:35—15:00E. de Blok The Shapes of the HI Velocity Proļ¬les of the THINGS Galaxies
15:00—15:25E. Schinnerer Molecular Gas and Star Formation at GMC resolution in M51: Lessons from PAWS
15:25—15:40 Poster Talks #4 Agertz, Baczynski, Dib, Fujimoto, Kaneko, Khoperskov, Louie, Meurer, Momose, Nickerson, Verdolini, Yamasawa
15:40—16:20 Coffee Break
16:20—16:55 D. Weisz (invited) Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies as Seen with HST
16:55—17:20L. Watson Star Formation as a Function of Circular Velocity in Bulgeless Disk Galaxies
17:20—17:45A. Schruba The Interstellar Medium of Andromeda at 25 parsec Scales


9:00—9:25 S. Meidt The Importance of Dynamical Environment for Star Formation: Gas Flows on GMC Scales in M51
9:25—10:00 A. Bolatto (invited) Determining H2 masses
10:00—10:25 K. Sandstrom Measurements of the CO-to-H2 Conversion Factor and Dust-to-Gas Ratio in Nearby Galaxies
10:25—11:00 Coffee Break
11:00—11:25 A. Usero Dense molecular gas and star formation across galaxy disks
11:25—11:40 Poster Talks #5 Bonzini, Braun, Elson, Gaibler, Groves, Hwang, Kreckel, Lanz, Lisker, Marvil, Natale, Richings, Seale, Sliwa
Session 4 Scaling Relations
11:40—12:15 C. Lada (invited) Star Formation Rates in Molecular Clouds and the Nature of the Extragalactic Scaling Relations
12:15—12:40S. Longmore Variations in the Galactic star formation rate and density thresholds for star formation
12:40—13:05M.-M. Mac Low Why Does Molecular Hydrogen Abundance Correlate with Midplane Pressure in Galaxies?
13:05—14:30 Lunch
14:30 Boat Trip


9:00—9:25P. Monaco Kennicutt relations in SPH simulations of disc galaxies with effective thermal feedback from supernovae
9:25—09:50J. Koda Results from the CANON CO 1-0 Survey
Session 5 Disk Galaxies — Theory
09:50—10:25 C. Dobbs (invited) Star Formation in Disc Galaxies
10:25—11:00 Coffee Break
11:00—11:25E. Tasker GMC formation in M83
11:25—11:50R. Feldmann Being discrete - Star formation on sub-galactic scales
11:50—12:15P. Clark The role of molecular gas in star formation
12:15—13:45 Lunch
13:45—14:10F. Renaud Star formation in galactic context: a sub-parsec simulation of the Milky-Way
14:10—14:35W. Schmidt Subgrid scale physics in galaxy simulations
Session 6 The High-Redshift Universe
14:35—15:10F. Walter (invited) Molecular Gas at High Redshift
15:10—15:35M. Sargent Starbursts, Main-Sequence Galaxies and the Molecular Gas History of the Universe
15:35—16:15 Coffee Break
16:15—16:40M. Rafelski Measuring the evolution of the star formation rate effciency from z ~ 1-5
16:40—17:15A. Kravtsov (invited) Star formation during the first three billion years: the key to understanding galaxy formation
17:15—17:40C. Christensen Comparing star formation in spiral and dwarf galaxies across redshift
19:00 Conference Dinner


9:00—9:35R. Klessen (invited) Star Formation at Different Metallicities
Session 7 Dwarf Galaxies, Starbursts and Other Extreme Environments
09:35—10:00R. Shetty Star Formation Self-regulation due to Supernovae in Starburst Galaxies
10:00—10:25N. Scoville Star Formation in Extreme Environments
10:25—11:00 Coffee Break
11:00—11:25B. Weiner Star formation in disky U/LIRGs - low-z analogs for high-z star forming galaxies
11:25—11:50A. Adamo A link between star cluster formation efficiency and the mean star formation rate of their host galaxies
11:50—12:15T. v.d.Laan Evolution of Starburst Rings, Case Study of NGC5248 and NGC6951
12:15—12:40D. Lucero The HI-H2 Transition and Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies: Observation Meets Theory
12:40 End of Conference